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Times Union: N.Y. 43rd Senate District: Funds roll in to turn red district for Democratic candidate

For the people of this district, the choice could not be more clear. I don't come from a family that has a lot of wealth or a family with a famous name. I certainly wasn't picked to be the "heir apparent." Instead, I’m winning the support of upstate New Yorkers by talking with them every day and understanding the problems they face in their own lives. This isn't about Democrats vs Republicans, it's about all of us coming together and making sure nobody gets left behind.

Gladd, 32 of Brunswick, has spent his life in public service [...] But his motto, "nobody gets left behind," is something that became ingrained in him as an Army platoon leader in Afghanistan. With that in mind, he said he will push for affordable healthcare for all and more investment in education and protecting the environment.

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