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Aaron Gladd

An Independent Upstate Fighter 

Unlocking Economic Opportunity for All

Upstate New York was built on innovation and hard work: we believed that we could achieve anything we set our minds to. Aaron is fighting to restore faith in those values and build an environment where all New Yorkers have the opportunity to succeed. He believes the government should serve as a catalyst for growth and not an impediment to success. That means keeping down taxes for small businesses and making smart investments in infrastructure and economic development to attract local jobs and help businesses grow.


Cracking Down on Corruption and Ethical Abuses

Aaron believes that public service is a privilege, not a paycheck, and that public servants should be held to the highest standards. As a State Senator, he will push for greater financial disclosure to hold elected officials accountable and support a full-time legislature that doesn't rely on potentially compromising outside income.

Making Healthcare Affordable  

The amount in your bank account shouldn't determine your ability to access quality health care. As Senator, Aaron will work to protect and expand the progress we have made by supporting the NY State of Health and expanding insurance coverage, including through the Affordable Care Act, regardless of what happens on the federal-level. And to make sure no community is left behind, Aaron will also advocate for greater state funding for health care services in rural communities.

Investing in Education

Aaron knows from experience that a quality public education serves as the great equalizer in our society and he will work to make sure others have the same opportunities he had. As Senator, Aaron will continue to push to increase funding for our local schools and universities while reducing the cost of higher education for New York’s aspiring students.


Protecting Our Environment and Water Quality

A child of the Adirondacks, Aaron knows that our natural environment is one of our greatest assets in New York, and he is prepared to stand up to corporate interests to protect and preserve our natural resources, including the Hudson River. As a parent, Aaron knows how important it is to ensure the water our children consume is safe and free from contaminants. He will fight to protect New York’s drinking water from corporate polluters, crack down on emerging contaminants and ensure our communities have the support they need to keep their water clean.


Combating the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic  

The scourge of opioid addiction is devastating communities across Upstate New York. No parent should have to lose a child to this terrible affliction. Aaron will push for new investments in comprehensive treatment and support for those suffering from heroin and opioid abuse, coupled with resources to cut off the pipeline of addiction and hold prescription drug companies responsible for their negligence.

Protecting Women’s Rights and Defending Planned Parenthood

Women’s rights are human rights. All women deserve access to safe, affordable health care, and Aaron will fight to protect funding for Planned Parenthood, work to pass the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act and defend the rights of all women to make their own reproductive health care decisions.


Tapping into New York’s Agriculture Industry

Agriculture is not only vital to the entire Upstate economy, it’s a way of life for thousands of New Yorkers. To protect agricultural jobs and revitalize the industry, Aaron will champion investments in programs to grow and diversify the agricultural economy and capitalize on the unique strengths of New York’s growers.


Strengthening Union Labor

Union labor built this state and this nation and serves as the foundation of the middle class. At a time when unions are under assault across the nation, Aaron will stand up for organized labor and fight for good-paying union jobs.

Leading in the High Tech Economy

To thrive in the 21st century economy, New York must be at the forefront of the technological revolution. The Capital Region has the potential to be a national leader in technology thanks to its skilled workforce and proximity to premier research institutions. Aaron will push to increase access to technology in our schools to prepare the next generation for the modern economy; achieve universal access to broadband to level the playing field for families and small businesses; and attract the high tech industries and businesses that will bring the jobs of tomorrow to the 43rd District.  


Standing up for Veterans

Aaron knows first-hand the sacrifice that our men and women in uniform make for their country because he served alongside them. These Americans put their lives on the line to keep us safe and defend our values and our way of life, and we owe them our eternal gratitude and the respect they deserve. Aaron will be a champion for our veterans and fight to make New York a model state for health care, housing, education and jobs for our heroes.


Fighting for LGBTQ Rights

All New Yorkers deserve equal rights and protection under the law, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Aaron fought overseas for the rights of all Americans to live freely, and he will fight in the Senate to protect and further the rights of LGBTQ New Yorkers and to combat discrimination, hate, and bigotry in all its forms.

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