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Former Republican State Senator Roy McDonald Endorses Aaron Gladd

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

I'm proud and humbled to announce today that former Republican State Senator for our district, Roy McDonald, has enthusiastically endorsed our campaign. I’m proud to call Roy a mentor, a colleague and a friend, and his years of public service and his commitment to standing up for what's right is an inspiration to me personally.

"It's so rare these days to find young leaders who understand that service to their country, state, and community is more important than service to any political party. We spend a lot of time worrying about whether we are Republicans or Democrats, when we should really be focused on all of us being Americans and New Yorkers. We don't often have an opportunity to meet extraordinary times with extraordinary people. In this election, you have one. His name is Aaron Gladd and I would be proud to see him serve in the State Senate in the seat I once held. We need him. Our future needs him. Upstate needs him."

Nick Reisman from Spectrum Local News and Capital Tonight interviewed Roy and me for an on-air segment. You can watch that interview now on their website.

Roy McDonald endorses Aaron Gladd

This election is about so much more than just a single race or a single Senate seat— it's about doing what is right for all New Yorkers.

I've crossed oceans to fight for what I believe in. Now I'm fighting for what I believe in right here at home.

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